What is a Teaching School Alliance?

Teaching schools give outstanding schools a leading role in the training and professional development of teachers, support staff and head teachers, as well as contributing to the raising of standards within and outside the Alliance. 

Why have these schools come together to become an Alliance?

Research shows that families of schools working together in clusters, improve more rapidly than if they worked alone. Since its inception, all those involved have been committed to providing a ‘world class’ experience for all students within all the Alliance schools. As well as supporting each other, we are also committed to reaching out to support other schools both locally and nationally. The Alliance will provide excellent opportunities for career development and progression. We are using the analysis of the characteristics of world class education systems, encouraging peer led innovation and developing system leaders. We want to create an environment where there is real ‘research-based’ activity, informing our investment in leadership and development at all levels.

Can my school become a part of the Alliance?

Yes, it is possible to become a partner school. We can then work together to support each other. The Alliance may be able to assist you or, if you have particular areas of expertise you may be able to help other schools through the Alliance.

Is it a formal arrangement?

No, the term Alliance is used by the NCSL and by engaging in Alliance activities simply means that you are working in partnership with the other schools within the alliance.

Who quality assures the Alliance activity?

An Executive Board made up of the head teachers in the schools meet on a regular basis to monitor Alliance activity.

How is the alliance held accountable?

The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) has allocated a consultant to monitor and support us. Annually the NCTL will allocate another Teaching school head teacher to evaluate the work of MKLA to ensure they meet expectations - a copy of the Teaching School handbook is published on the NCTL web site.

How are the accounts managed?

One of our Managing Directors is in charge of Finances, accounts will be made public each year as with any company.

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