School Direct 2016 Applications

School Direct Teacher Training


The introduction of the School Direct training programme allows schools to play a lead role in the recruitment, training and development of graduates working in partnership with ITT lead schools and Universities. This new route into teaching, encourages graduates to select the school where training takes place,with the majority of training time spent in the selected schools. From the onset you will be learning and training in the classroom whilst being supported by qualified teachers and learning directly from experienced professionals. On successful completion of the programme you will be supported to find employment in one of the Alliance's or partner schools.


School Direct Training Programme options:


The School Direct (non salaried) Training programme is open to all graduates and is funded by tuition fees paid by the graduate, who may receive a bursary from the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) dependant on their initial status, subject and degree classifications.

The School Direct (salaried) Training programme  is an employment-based route into teaching for high quality graduates with three or more years’ career experience. The trainee is employed as an unqualified teacher by a school. The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) provides funding, which the school can use to subsidise the trainee’s salary and/or training.


The School Experience Programme


The School Experience Programme (SEP) gives prospective applicants for ITT/School Direct, the opportunity to spend one or more observation days in schools to gain an insight into the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. The programme is aimed at high-quality graduates and undergraduates who are interested in teaching maths, chemistry, physics, languages and design and technology.


MKLA Positions available:


Within MKLA there are a number of training programmes and places available. Applications via UCAS will be made to MKLA, however please note that you will be applying to an individual school training programme. 


Primary Places   


Valley Invicta Primary School at Kings Hill -

Valley Invicta Primary School at Leybourne Chase -

Valley Invicta Primary Schoool at Holborough Lakes -

Bower Grove School -

Wembley High Technology College -

Hunton Primary School -

Non-salaried Placements

Loose Primary School -

West Malling Primary School -

Kings Hill Primary School -

Yalding Primary School -


Secondary Places

Holmesdale Technology College - Mathematics (salaried) Physics (salaried) English (salaried)

Invicta Grammar School - Geography (salaried)  Physics (salaried) Chemistry (salaried) Design & Technology (salaried) Maths (salaried) ICT (salaried) Business Studies (non-salaried)

The Malling School - Physics (salaried) Maths (salaried) Geography (non-salaried)

Valley Park School - Maths (salaried) Chemistry (salaried)  ICT (salaried) Physics (salaried) Design & Technology (salaried)

Homewood School Maths (non-salaried) Biology (non-salaried)

The Judd School - English (non-salaried) Mathematics (non-salaried)  Biology (non-salaried)  Chemistry (non-salaried)

St Paul's Academy - Maths (salaried) Biology (salaried) English (salaried)  Geography (salaried)

Bower Grove School -

Maidstone Grammar School - Physics (salaried) ICT (salaried)  Geography (non-salaried) Design & Technology (non-salaried)

 Aylesford Sports College - Chemistry (salaried) English (salaried)  MFL/French (non-salaried) Geography (non-salaried)

Wembley High Technology College - Chemistry (salaried) Physics (salaried) Physics with Maths (salaried) Maths (salaried) ICT (salaried) English (salaried) Geography (salaried) MFL/Spanish (salaried) History (salaried)


How to apply

Applicants must register and apply through the UCAS website, please click on the link below:


Applicants need to register and apply with UCAS from the 27th October 2015. Application forms will be sent to MKLA.

Once applications have been shortlisted, interviews will take place in the respective schools who have requested the specific training programme. Placement offers on all  training programme will be conditional on CRB checks, CCCU entry requirements (GCSE English and Maths or equivalent, holding a 2.2 or above degree qualification from the UK or equivalent) and the successful completion of Government skills tests. 

Important Notice: Recruiting schools are all represented through MKLA  -  applications should NOT be made to individual schools.

Good Luck to all applicants. We wish you every success!

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