Charlotte Baker

Name: Charlie Baker

School: The Malling School

Position Held: Key Stage 5 Raising Standards Leader

SLE Specialism: Physical Education

What are your current responsibilities?
I currently teach key stage 3, 4 and 5 P.E, including GCSE and A level and I am responsible for running the school rewards system. In addition to this I am the Key Stage 5 Raising Standards leader, which means I track and monitor the progress of students in Year 12 and 13.

Why have you chosen to become an SLE?
I believe in the value of system leadership, there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in schools across the country, becoming an SLE is a way to utilise and share this good and outstanding practice across our schools. In my role as an SLE I am keen to support colleagues to develop and build their knowledge and practice. I am also pleased to have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other schools which will enable me to learn from their practices and bring this back to my own school.

What are your areas of expertise?  How might you be able to help the schools?
It is vital to get the most out of curriculum time and P.E can be used as a vehicle for many cross curricular links. My expertise lie in being able to incorporate these links into P.E, raising the profile of sport and the importance of P.E in the curriculum.

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